Sophisti strongly believes gaming as a phenomenon has rapidly changed and will continue to do so. Mobile devices will increasingly become the more dominant platform for games, target groups of games will continue to widen to a female and mature audience. But still gaming on a big display in the living room (aka TV) will persist as a ritual. Instead of the current console hardcore game experience it will offer short casual games of the sorts which can be found in the various app stores already.

With that in mind Sophisti conceptualized the AppBall: a casual game controller for Smart Devices and TV’s. With this brightly colored spherical rubber object you can control Game Apps on your Smart Devices and TV. It features simple interaction possibilities like left-right, up-down, forward-backward, roll, pitch, yawn and squeeze. Since it is connected over Bluetooth Smart to your Smart device it has a very long battery-time.

With this inexpensive App-Based accessory people can play games based on racing, sports (bowling, golf, tennis), dancing, rhythm, physical puzzles but also social games like hot-potato or quizzes.

This project has been developed in Sophisti Lab and remains a concept. If you are interested in developing a business case with us please contact

Year: 2012


  • TV1
  • Appball.001-001
  • Appball.004-001
  • Appball.005-002
  • Appball.006-001
  • Appball.007-001
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