Electronics Development

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Sophisti applies electronics development as a skill-set to bring products and interactions alive by developing circuits, programming processors, selecting sensors/actuators, testing and improving. We are not an electronics development company per se, but use it as a tool to really control the final experience of a design as much as possible. We do not go much further then developing high-fidelity prototypes and engineering/production sourcing.

We apply these electronics development skills for our clients into multi-touch tablesinteractive installations and interactive products. Since our strengths is in industrial and interaction design our focus is on prototype development, and we often rely on 3rd parties like Contracted Manufacturers for final electronical engineering.

Sophisti masters a whole range of electronics development skills and knowledge. Among which selection of processor, communication-chip, actuators and sensors, circuit-drawing and building, firmware development and production sourcing. We have experience with signal processing, numerous communication protocols (eg. SPI, I2C, RS232, Bluetooth, Zigbee, TCP/IP), extensive functional testing and debugging.

Since 2010 we are an official Apple MFI-development licensee, which means we hold the license to develop with Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad technology proprietary to Apple. This allows to communicate with Apple’s Smart Devices over the 30-pin or lighting connector or Classic Bluetooth. Example of this is GameChanger. We also have extensive knowledge of Bluetooth Smart (or Low Energy) which is part of the 4.0 generation of Bluetooth. This allows us to develop very affordable and low-power accessories for Smart Devices like for instance Verzis.

For a lot of these electronics development projects we also did the industrial designgame designsoftware development,  and interaction design in-house. The combination of these skill-sets result in the most satisfying experience for both client and end-user.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what our Electronics Development services can mean for you organization and projects.

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