Game Design

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Sophisti sees Game Design as a special form of Interaction Design. It is distinct since a good game isn’t functionally judged as a functional application would be, instead it should mostly be fun. Game Design is using skills, knowledge and creativity to build a game.  For us the physical context of game experiences is very crucial. A game for a mobile device is completely different then on a XBox Kinect. In the end Game Design is  about the player and to make sure he/she has the most fun experience when using a product or application.

Sophisti masters a whole set of Game Design skills and experiences. Conceptualizing, scenario building, sketching of concept-art, wire-framing, illustrating, 3D-modelling, photo-manipulating, graphic design, and testing. Since we develop all the software and sometimes products for our games we are able to quickly do in- and out-house testing in all phases of a game design process. Even after a game is released we believe strongly in analytics and observations to improve the experience.

We apply skills, knowledge and creativity for our clients into a variety of different games. We design games for mobile devicesmulti-touch tablesinteractive installations (with Kinect or Leap for instance) and interactive products like GameChanger or Verzis. We develop educational games (like 2×2), marketing games (like Kanzi) and entertainment games (like Sea Heroes).

For quite a lot of these games we also did the industrial design, interaction designelectronics development and always the software development in-house. The combination of these skill-sets in the end leads to the most satisfying experience for both client and end-user.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what our Game Design services can mean for you organization and projects.

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