Growth of Bluetooth Low Energy

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March 22, 2013

The ecosystem of Bluetooth Low Energy (or market name Bluetooth Smart) products is growing rapidly. More and more phones, tablets, but also laptops, smart TV boxes, and portable media players are getting equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and becoming ‘Smart ready’. Here we find the ‘official’ listing from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group on Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready products.

This trend opens up the possibility for low-cost and very low-power-consuming devices to be connected via our phones/tables/computers to the internet. This makes it a very strong enabler for the Internet of Things. This website provides a nice  comparison of wireless technologies. We can see that especially on costs and power-consumption BLE beats Zigbee, Wireless LAN, or classic Bluetooth. In our experience with using these technologies this is very true indeed.

Over the last two years we see applications popping up that range from healthcare to entertainment, from fashion to sports, from power-outlets to smart spoons, from weight scales to this quite original posture sensor. Not to speak about a whole new generation of smart watches that is slowly penetrating the market.

We are fascinated by this development and the possibilities it brings about for connected objects that are affordable and user-friendly. Therefore Sophisti is fully equipped to develop BLE products, with the Verzis as our first result. Refer to our skills page for more information on our services.

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