Industrial Design

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There are hundreds of different definitions out there of what Industrial Design means, but at Sophisti we define it as the combined knowledge, skills and creativity to give form to mass-produced objects. To us Industrial Design is not just a layer of veneer but a melting pot of form, function, desirability, manufacturability, affordability and cultural/brand reference.

Sophisti masters a whole set of Industrial Design skills and experiences. Sketching, conceptualizing, scenario drawing, 3D-modeling, prototyping, material selection, manufacturing technologies, cost-estimation, branding, testing and eventually production-sourcing.

We apply these skills, knowledge and creativity for clients into the development of a variety of products. Our expertise is in Interactive Product Design, which means products with software and electronics that enable interaction. Examples of Interactive Products are a microwave or a ticket-machine.

We believe strongly that for these type of products an Industrial Design is not sufficient enough. Only by combing it with an Interaction Design and possibly even a Game Design one can create a meaningful experience.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what our Industrial Design services can mean for you organization and projects.

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