Interaction Design

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Most people agree Interaction Design is about designing the digital. At Sophisti we would advocate a much wider definition of Interaction Design; when you press the home button on your phone to activate another app is that only Industrial Design? Interaction Design is using skills, knowledge and creativity to build an interaction in pixels and atoms.  For us the physical context of these (mostly) digital experiences is very crucial. Designing an interface for a mobile app is completely different context of that of an app for a multi-user table. In the end Interaction Design is  about an end-user. To make sure he/she has the most satisfactory, efficient and effective experience when using a product or application.

Sophisti masters a whole set of Interaction Design skills and experiences. Interaction scheming, sketching, wire-framing, illustrating, photo-manipulating, graphic design, branding and testing. Since we develop all the software and sometimes products for our Interaction Design we are able to quickly do in-house and out-house testing in all phases of a design process. Even after software is released we believe strongly in analytics and observations to improve an interaction experience.

We apply skills, knowledge and creativity for our clients into a variety of different interfaces. We design interfaces for mobile appsmulti-touch table softwareinteractive installations (with Kinect or Leap for instance), interactive products and increasingly more games.

For quite a lot of these projects we also did the industrial designgame designelectronics development and always the software development in-house. The combination of these skill-sets in the end leads to the most satisfactory experience for both client as end-user.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what our Interaction Design services can mean for you organization and projects.

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