Lamp of Fame


Where the Connected Lamps Ping are all about intimate one-on-one communication we set out to conceptualize the antagonist resulting in the ‘Lamp of Fame’. This lamp visualizes your online ‘fame’, creating a sense of comfort based on the ‘alone together’ principle (see Sherry Turkle on this in her TED talk).

Three separate parts of the lamp can easily be connected to your Facebook, Twitter, Email or website account and glow up based on activity. A moving ‘drop of light’ indicates marks as a new email, push-notication, or a website visitor. Imagine having a lamp in the office visualizing your web-sales, LinkedIn profile activity or whatever you want to connect it to. A mobile App allows you to configure the three ‘leaves’ with predefined services. We would also provide a widget to integrate on your website  to develop services yourself like for instance on a web-store.

This project has been developed in Sophisti Lab and remains a concept as of yet. If you are interested in developing a business case with us please contact

Year: 2012


  • Lamp-of-Fame.001-001
  • Lamp-of-Fame.002-001
  • Lamp-of-Fame.003-001
  • Lamp-of-Fame.020-001
  • Lamp-of-Fame.021-0011
  • Lamp-of-Fame.022-001
  • Lamp-of-Fame.023-001
  • Lamp-of-Fame.024-001


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