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Sophisti has developed software for Multi-Touch Tables; aimed at map based presentations. This application has been used by Clients like Municipalities, Provinces, Tourist Offices, Museums, Archives but also companies to make spatial information easy to access for multiple people at the same time.

In this application several Points of Interest (POIs) can be viewed using text, images, sound, panorama and video. These POIs are displayed on the right location on the Satellite Maps. This map can be zoomed and panned to four directions. By using a time-scale users can select a period in time, so only POIs from that distinct period are displayed. Besides this custom maps are being placed on top of the satellite images. This can be historic or schematic maps. A user can also filter on certain themes so only locations matching that theme are high-lighted.

We give each version of the application it’s own look & feel, often based on the corporate image of the client. Around 7-10 maps can be added to relevant time-periodes to be put on top of the satellite images. Besides this a connection is being made between the software and data from digital collections. We have experience with existing web- and mobile services like Heritage-on-Maps and 7Scenes, but also databases from Adlib and Memorix-Maior through the OAI-protocol. It is also possible to use OpenData connections. Sophisti doesn’t service data-hosting, but uses existing web-services.


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The Basic Software is installed on a Multi-Touch Table packing the following functions:

– Display and control over Satellite Maps of a specific area

– Display of relevant POIs on these Maps

– Detail View of POIs in text, images, video and panorama

– Time Scale that controls historic Maps and POIs

– Theme-bar which can filter POIs

– Statistics on Google Analytics

Besides this Sophisti can offer expansions like:

– ABC quiz

– External Monitor

– Search Function

– Custom functionality on request


One-time development fee for Basic Software: € 4000,-

License and support per year for 1 table: € 1500,-

License and support per year for 2 tables: € 2000,-

License and support per year for 10 tables: € 7000,-

Current Clients:

Georges Elissen (the municipality of Amersfoort):

“With great pleasure we have worked together with Sophisti on the multi-touch table application Amersfoort on the Map. Besides a good technical translation of this website to a user-friendly multi-touch application, we noticed particular expertise in the field of graphic design of Sophisti.”

codaDrents Archief

Bibi Bodegom (Gelders Erfgoed foundation)

“Working together with an innovative, reliable and creative partner such as Sophisti made the task of exploring innovative solutions for the audience of heritage organisations easy and a lot of fun! Light is the design of the multitouch table this company especially designed for our project “Beleef mijn Gelderland”. 10 museums in Gelderland use this adjustable table with various applications to tell about the history of Gelderland or a specific historic city such as Nijmegen or Culemborg.”

Mr. Knijnenberg (Menno Simons Center):
“The nice and useful thing of the by Sophisti developed multi-touch table is that with a large quantity of various images people are being activated and enthused to make discoveries in company of others. We received many positive responses. In cooperation with Tekst en Uitleg from Haarlem and the experience, professionally and creativity of Sophisti we have a fantastic and successful product. We shall exhibit the table with its current content for at least another year on different locations throughout The Netherlands.”

Rinze Kaatman (OnlineMarketing Advisor Province of Overijssel, NL):
“Sophisti has supported IJsseldelta Marketing and National Park IJsseldelta with installing three interactive tables within the project ‘IJsseldelta on the Map’. Due to the creative and smart input from Sophisti the visitors can easily navigate on this Interactive Table. Due to the multi-touch display multiple people can use this table at the same time. The audience has responded enthusiastically on this modern way of information-presentation. Points of Interest are high-lighted in a user-friendly and smart looking interface. A good balance has been found between usability and design. The service and support after the tables have been placed has been excellent.”Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden

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