Production Sourcing

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Sophisti is a design and development company and therefore we rely on local and global production partners to manufacture interactive products but also multi-touch tables we design. With Production Sourcing we not only mean helping our clients find the right CM (Contracted Manufacturer) for production, but also being involved throughout the whole process of production engineering, production and quality control.

Though every project is unique we bring experience and relations to the table for manufacturing of professionally looking working prototypes (like Scottie or Ping), small series of big objects (like installations or MT-Tables) and mass-produced electronic products (like GameChanger or Verzis). Since we are skilled in Industrial Design and Electronics Development we have a broad basic knowledge of manufacturing technologies. For example rapid-prototyping, wood-carving, metalworking, injection molding, plastics welding, PCB/FPC-production, pick-and-place assembly, product assembly, press/printing and packaging.

Knowledge of a broad spectrum of materials and manufacturing technologies allows us to help our clients finding the right Production Partners and Supplier for their external production (sourcing). We have relations in Western-Europe and China ranging from suppliers, distributors, and contracted manufacturers. With this network we can help to produce the Industrial and Electronics Design, in a small series (like Interactive Tables) or mass-scale (like GameChanger or Verzis).

For these Production Sourcing projects we also did the industrial designgame designsoftware development,  and interaction design in-house. The combination of these skill-sets result in the most satisfying experience for both client and end-user.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what our Production Sourcing services can mean for you organization and projects.

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