Amersfoort Table


Sophisti developed ‘Heritage on the Map’ for Archive Eemland. These four tables with a 46″ multi-touch display give access to over 40.000 location based images and texts. With the time-slider you can view historical maps and by placing the pawns on the display you can play an audio-visual quiz on the history. Tables are manufactured by DIZ Informatiezuilen and the data coupling is provided by AB-C Media.


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Georges Elissen (the municipality of Amersfoort): “With great pleasure we have worked together with Sophisti on the multi-touch table application Amersfoort on the Map. Besides a good technical translation of this website to a user-friendly multi-touch application, we noticed particular expertise in the field of graphic design of Sophisti.”

Year: 2011

Image: among others DIZ Informatiezuilen


Interactive Table full of heritage exposed

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