Brush Button

Achtung! and Google approached Sophisti with the design challenge to stimulate completing 2 minutes of electronic tooth-brushing . The solution was found in a connected bathroom assistant to make these 2 minutes a lot more engaging.

The Brush Button is connected to several Google APIs and Spotify. This is used to present personal spoken content every morning and evening. For example the local weather, traffic information along your route to work, your stock-portfolio combined with brushing tips and a bit of humour. The product is designed to blend with your bathroom by simply sticking to your mirror as a subtle reminder. For materials we took hints from the Diamond Clean toothbrushes.

Sophisti developed the App (design by Achtung!) which is used to set-up the product and to track your personal brushing habits.

15 prototypes have been made and delivered by Sophisti which Achtung! used for testing with a focus group.

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Year: 2015-2016


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