Ding: Connected blocks

Ding is a set of Modular App-Connected blocks, which each have a distinct function. They can be used to sense, control or act. Use the Dings, the Ding App and the world around you to quickly build prototypes!

For instance, build a prototype alarm system in just a few minutes! Use the input from a Distance sensor and a NFC-tag reader to trigger a Red flashing LED light when someone passes with the wrong tag.

All Ding modules work on a coin cell (CR2032) and connect over Bluetooth Smart (4.0) to most tablets and phones.

  • Altitude_Distance _Relay_Vibrator
  • Altitude_Distance_Relay_Vibrator
  • Button_RGBLed
  • Button_Rotation_NFC
  • Color_RGBLed_Vibrator_Relay
  • Lua
  • Motion_Button_Vibration
  • Rotation_RGBLed_Button _RGBLed_Altitude_RGBLed
  • Rotion_RGBLEd
  • Touch)RGBLed)RGBLed_Vibrator
  • ActivityMonitor
  • DoorSecuritySystem
  • GardenLight
  • MusicInstrumentPitch

The Ding App allows you to first of all see which Ding modules are available and which are connected to your Smart Device by Bluetooth Smart (4.0). In case of sensors and controls you can see the output value on the right side of the digital module. You can connect a sensor or control directly to the left side of an actuator module or you can insert more logic by connecting digital modules in between.

These logic modules can be used to alter the 0-255 value with standard operations or with custom ones which can be programmed in LUA.

The Ding Box is currently only available in a limited beta release for reduced price of € 799,- per box with all 12 Ding modules and access to the App (excl. V.A.T. and shipping). This beta series has been bought and used by Google, LEGO, Ravenburger maar ook Northumbria University.

Would you like to participate in the beta program then please send an email stating your organizations name and explaining what you would like to use Ding Box for  to info@ding.build We will evaluate and chose the best fit for the first release.

Ding has been designed and developed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Sophisti together with Ubi de Feo.

Ding was Runner up for the Core77 Design Concept Award 2017!

Year: 2016-


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