Gamechanger: Gameboard


GameChanger Game Board for iPad is a product devised and designed by Sophisti, which allows to play board games with the enhancement of digital content. Fold it open, click in your iPad, place themed skins and a nice set of pawns on the sides and start playing! The experience is still a group sitting around a table playing a board game, but the iPad keeps score, explains events, play movies/animations or triggers mini-games. By just buying new ‘Game-Packs’ you can play a totally new game! The GameChanger comes with nine games: ‘AnimalMania‘, ‘The Magic School Bus‘, ‘Sea Heroes‘, ‘Kaboom‘, ‘Kaboom Pirates‘, ‘Butterflies‘, ‘Airplanes‘ and ‘Classroom‘. Currently it is available in the US at Apple StoresToys”R”UsTarget and Amazon. And in the Netherlands shipping with ‘I Love Holland‘ at,, Intertoys, V&D, Free Record Shop and Bart Smit.




Year: 2011-


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