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The website offers more than 100.000 hotels in the whole world, and has an iPhone and iPad App. Sophisti developed these Apps where customers can search, filter, sort, view and eventually ofcourse make hotel reservations. The App is clearly branded for, but also has a clear iOS identity and interaction. Usability is crucial and the App is continuously improved through statistical analysis and creative solutions.


Rupert Bacon, Senior Product Owner (Frontend website) at”It was a privilege to work with Tijn and the guys at Sophisti. They were exceptionally dedicated to the project and provided excellent input. They were happy to work with our needs/requests and did a great job of understanding and innovating with what was an evolving technology. In a very short space of time they took the product from the drawing board to a fully functional App that was returning strong commercial results.”
Jasper Cramwinckel (Director Front End at “Sophisti created the initial version of the iOS app. I worked with the team personally. I was extremely impressed with the creativity, the dedication and the efficiency. I cannot imagine a better way to have started this project.”
Year: 2010 

Links: Download the App

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