Software Development

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Sophisti applies software development quite broadly. In essence, it makes us bring products and interactions to life by using programming, interfacing, testing and improving. We are not a software development company per se, but use it  as a tool to really control the final experience  of a product from A till Z.

We apply software development skills for our clients into mobile apps, games, multi-touch applications, interactive installations and firmware of interactive products. Since our strength is industrial and interaction design we focus on front-end development. For back-end development like database-structures and web-services we often rely on 3rd parties.

Sophisti masters a whole range of programming/scripting languages and frameworks. Among which Objective-C (for iOS), Action-script 3 (for multi-platform and Adobe Air apps), Java (for Android), C#, Javascript, Unity-3D (for multi-platform games), Cocos 2D (iOS games), Python, PHP (web), C (product firmware) and even Assembly. We have experience with memory management, numerous communication protocols, hardware-interfacing (eg. Kinect, Leap, MFI), extensive qualitative and quantitative testing, debugging, platform-porting, multi-platform deployment and analytics integration.

For quite a lot of these software projects we also did the industrial designgame designelectronics development,  and the interaction design in-house. The combination of these skill-sets in the end leads to the most satisfactory experience for both client and end-user.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what our Software Development services can mean for you organization and projects.

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