Ling Smartcard

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Ligna Energy is committed to commercialize a green and safe energy storage solution that leverages sustainable materials and employs innovative manufacturing methods and aim to revolutionize the energy storage industry and pave the way for a more sustainable future. The S-power 2S Super-capacitor is made from bio-based materials, minimizing harm to the environment during its full lifetime.

Sophisti designed a technology demonstrator which charges the S-Power 2S through NFC Energy Harvesting Technology. So a Card reader or mobile phone can charge the Ling Smartcard in around 3 minutes to full capacity using NTAG5 technology by NXP. Ling is also an active NFC-tag and can communicatie to a Reader.

Ling is also a Bluetooth Beacon and has a Motion-sensor build in to advertise data on movement or orientation change. It can maintain this functionality for 48 hours when fully charged. Replacing the motion sensor with another low-power alternative like a climate, pressure, gas, sound or light sensor could give Ling a new function.

Ling als features a 6 color bendable electrophoretic display to output information like visual-links, personal data, sensor data or a game character.

Sophisti and LIGNA energy are demonstrating Ling to seek collaboration on making this sustainable product a reality.

Sophisti has designed the electronics, product, graphics and developed the firmware in Zephyr.

Year: 2024


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