LINKX: learning toy

LINKX is a fun way to develop language. It challenges young kids by speaking out loud what is displayed on the tag. This enhances their vocabulary in their native or a foreign language. Older kids are send out on little spoken quests for instance leading to  a treasure hunt. These words and quests can be recorded by parents in the accompanying LINKX app, but the App is also full of pre-recorded audio-sets. These sets can be loaded on the reader with Bluetooth. LINKX-tags work with NFC and can be customised by kids with their own drawings or creations.

LINKX is a concept by Helma van Rijn and Kissthefrog and Sophisti was asked to make an industrial design and develop working prototypes for them including an App. The Reader is made in PlanWood which is a sustainable mouldable material made from rubber tree saw-dust and 1% bio-glue. Currently LINKX is looking for a commercial partner to help bringing this game to market.

Year: 2017

Client: LINKX (Helma van Rijn and Kissthefrog)

Links: Official website

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