Grow Up: Construction kit

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Makem Grow Up is an educational product that invites kids (age 8-14) to build a greenhouse with their parents, to enrich it with a connected system and use an app to successfully grow their own vegetables.

The kit offers a fun building experience without needing any tools. To make it more adventurous and appealing to kids we based the design on the NASA Mars greenhouse 2017. Hydroponics is used to automatically give the plants water and the ventilation is mechanically controlled a with a motorised pannel. The parent-kid team install this system together with a water sensor and a climate sensor. All are connected to a Hub which is powered by a solar pannel.

The Hub indicates the state of the climate, light and irrigation with 4 LEDs on top but also communicates these states via Bluetooth to a Makem Grow App. The Hub stores the solar energy in a super-capacitor  to be used for when it is less light.

The App displays and gives advise based on detailled sensor values. This advise is also based on what type of vegetables you have sown, how far they have grown and the outside weather conditions. The app comes with actionable and educational warnings which can be acted on by the kids (‘put your Greenhouse in the shadow’) or by the automated ventilation system on the Hub (‘Greenhouse is too humid’).

Makem Grow Up is a concept by Makem who asked Sophisti to deliver the Industrial, Electronics and App Design and Development. This resulted in a series of 10 high-fidelity units plus a working app which were thoroughly tested with real parent and kid teams. Next steps are still being worked on!

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Year: 2018


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