NPLAY Gameboard

Sophisti and NXP present NPLAY: a demo of NFC in tabletop gaming. This Bluetooth connected gameboard recognises unique playing pieces with light and sound output. Each of the 8×8 fields is equipped with NFC to read NTAG/iCode tags and an RGB LED. Games use Apps for extra opportunities but can be developed to work stand-alone.

To get your imagination started we have made a Music Sequencer. You can compose your own music using 6 different instruments in 9 variable notes on an 8-beat track with 5 different layers. Your sequence can be edited, speeded up, reversed and paused.

Other concept games include a strategy-, a puzzle- and a party-game. We invite you to create your own games on NPLAY or work with Sophisti on custom NFC products, powered by NXP technology.

This Tech Demo is made in a limited series to inspire designers and developers.
Demo Apps (iOS and Android) with a Unity Library help you bring your game to life.

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Jaar: 2019

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