Paid Parking iBeacon

ParkAlert is a Dutch start-up who approached Sophisti with the clever application of iBeacon Bluetooth Smart to help people never to forget their parking service. It uses the combination of small button with a speaker and an App running on iOS or Android.

Digital parking has grown substantially in recent years, based on the need to save time and reduce costs. With the introduction of Parking Apps saving time has been achieved but cost reduction often not. Users regularly forget to switch off parking mode in their Parking Apps on returning to their vehicle. The result is that the parking charges paid for exceed what should actually have been paid.Drivers also occasionally forget to activate their Parking App on leaving their vehicles. They may not be aware that their vehicle is stationed in a metered parking zone, because by not activating their Parking App there is no way to be warned that they are liable for parking charges.

The ParkAlert system consists of a small sensor and an App. The sensor is slightly larger than a € 2 coin and can be simply attached to or left in the vehicle. The Parkalert sensor is connected to a smartphone by ‘Bluetooth’ connection activated by the
ParkAlert App.

Sophisti is responsible for industrial design, electronics, firmware, app design, development and production in China.

  • InCarWithHand
  • CarAlertSideFinger
  • AlertCarConsole
  • ParkAlertFotos
  • PhoneAlertSide
  • PhoneAlert
  • AlertFront
  • AlertIso
  • AlertSide
  • AlertUnder
  • AlertUnderSide


Year: 2017-2018


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