POKI: Money for kids

How do you give pocket money to young kids in this day and age? Research says mostly through cash, even though most adults prefer digital payments. Also the outlets where kids can spend their pocket money like toy stores are in decline and most kids desire things which are purely digital to begin with.

Parents are often creative with this divide but in practice quite a few don’t give pocket money all together. And that is not good news because pocket money is crucial to learn about finance. Apps are als not a good alternative for kids under 10 years of age; it is too abstract, there is no physical ownership and the social ritual of asking for pocket money is lost. And in some cases it is approached too playful and not considered ‘real’.

POKI DOKI is our solution. It is an educational product idea which gives families with young kids financial control in the world of today by preserving the ritual of pocket money as a tangible and social experience.

Using tap a parent can hand out a periodic amount to POKI. The child can set saving goals but also learns how setting money aside with interest or investing in renewable energy sources work. The child can also spend money in a safe environment online or use POKI as debit card in a store.

POKI DOKI is in development at Sophisti and we are looking for partners with a financial background as well as investors. We have filed for a patent.

Spreekt dit aan? Mail ons opĀ poki@sophisti.nl

Jaar: 2022

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