Qing Speelstukken

The insight that even though Board games are currently very popular; the target age of 6-10 year old kids play less board games than a decade a go. Qing uses motion sensing technology integrated in game pieces to enhance the board game digitally to change that. Qing changes the game, explains the rules, keeps score, adds digital players and adds effects! Each pawn or dice is charged by the charger using NFC wireless charging. The game pieces communicate using Bluetooth.

Sophisti is working on integrating this technology as demonstrated in Game of Goose into new Game Concepts like Lunaland. Sophisti seeks to license the technology solution to other parties.

Year: 2023

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Concept Game Lunaland

As a project intern Zoƫ van Leersum developed Lunaland; a game based on Qing with insights from the target group integrated. We explored using the dice as input mechanisms and making the charger part of the board.

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